Weird Fishes

Short Film Casting
Shooting in Southeast Louisiana November 10-15

About The Film: Two sisters find themselves standing on the ledge between adolescence and womanhood during a short summer spent with their grandparents in their trailer in Louisiana.

Director: Zenzele Ojore (

Producer: Bethiael Alemayoh
Casting Directors: Lauren Cargo, Jesy Rae Buhl

Shooting Location: Bourg, LA + Gibson, LA + TBD

Shoot Dates: November 10-15, 2021

Rate: Available upon request (vary per character) 



***No acting experience required, we are seeking real life children and adults to play themselves in this project! If you have any questions, please contact Lauren or Jesy at or call/text (504) 233-0016.

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Suni (10-12, African American/Black):

On the cusp of puberty, outgoing, feels boxed into her environment, always looking for an adventure, can't sit still, needs to be in constant motion, protective of her younger sister, curious about womanhood, wants to fit in, questions everything around her, pushes back against her grandmother's beliefs.

Blue (8-10, African American/Black):
Introspective, curious, wants to understand everything and everyone around her, best friends with her older sister, wants things to always stay the same, uncomfortable with change, wants to do the moral right thing, afraid of making mistakes or doing something sinful.

Dorothy (50+, African American/Black):
We open up to Dorothy as the loving and protective matriarch devoted to her church and her family; wants to shield her granddaughters from the evils of the world.
She finds comfort in keeping the order of everything around her but she can’t quite figure out the reason for the changes in her eldest grandchild who now seems at odds with her.Yet, Dorothy can’t help but feel that she sees a glimmer of the girl she used to be in Suni. In her youngest grandchild (Blue) Dorothy finds a way for her lessons to have meaning.

Herbert (50+ African American/ Black):Loyal, Dominating, Stern
A stoic storyteller. Expresses love to his family in actions over words.


Please submit as soon as possible!
Submission deadline is Friday August 13.

No experience necessary! Looking for real life people!
Open to all backgrounds and ethnicities!
If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Cargo at or via call/text at 504-434-0851.