Real People, Real Stories 2020

We're working on a national media project for the election to share real stories from real voters on why they're supporting Joe Biden fore president this year. The goal is to produce testimonials sharing your experiences on camera. Sharing one's personal story is one of the most powerful and impactful ways of creating change and potentially even helping win an election! Stories can help illustrate real life issues (affecting thousands or millions of people) in ways that facts, figures, talking heads cannot. 

We've talked with people across the county who are worried about the solvency of social security, people with pre-existing conditions who are devastated by the handling of Coronavirus, people who have had to lay off employees or close their businesses because of the shutdowns. We've heard from voters who have been distributing yard signs to their communities, from voters who are afraid to put up signs from fear of retaliation. We've talked to Republicans and former Trump supporters who have had a change of heart. Teachers who are facing the challenges of virtual kindergarten, parents who have not been able to return to their jobs because of a lack of childcare or to take care of older relatives.

And now we want to hear from YOU! Why are YOU voting blue? What makes you tick? What makes your heart spin? Click the link below to submit. Thank you!