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Untitled Road Trip Project
Feature Film Casting
Shooting in Oregon June/July 2021

Production Company: The Department of Motion Pictures
Casting Directors: Jesy Rae Buhl, Lauren Cargo
Shooting Location: Central/Coastal Oregon

Shoot Dates: June/July/August 2021


We have an ongoing online casting call, please submit anytime! Our team checks these submissions periodically.

No experience necessary! Looking for real life people!

Open to all backgrounds and ethnicities!

All roles are paid!

ABOUT: Four teenagers from the Pacific Northwest run away from home and set off on an improvisational odyssey in search of hope, opportunity and adventure. 


YOUNG ADULTS (Ages 18-25) Seeking bad kids, daredevils, outcasts, runaways, misfits and the like. Strong personalities. Tough exterior but fiercely loyal and protective of the ones they love. Disobedient at the core. Anti-authority. Searching for something they can't quite place. Punks, stoners, fast-talkers. We'd love to cast a group of real life friends. Individuals, groups of friends, siblings, and couples encouraged to apply together. LGBTQ youth welcome to apply!

ADULTS (Ages 25-75) Seeking adults with a big personality and unique flair. Good storytellers, bar flies, someone who's seen their share of trouble... 


HOT ROD (40s/50s) A gregarious fast talking con-man. Or con-woman.


MRS FLOOD (50s-70s) Tough as nails, hard living and lovable grandmother figure. A loving and supportive matriarch who gets into her own kind of trouble from time to time. A real "Boss Betty".  

**We are not looking for actors, but rather for real life individuals who embody these personalities and can play themselves onscreen.